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Whether you need to restore your artwork or require unique picture frames, visit our store in Springfield, MO. A locally owned and operated store, Pelican Gallery has been in the same location for 30 years.


With over 44 years of experience, our in-house professionals carry out all art restoration services with care and dedication.

Professional art restoration and picture framing services

Choose from several picture matting services

  • Fabric mattes

  • Specialty mattes

  • Specialty-cut mattes

  • Archival mattes

  • Hand-wrapped fabric mattes

Drop by our store for a wide array of art services.


Extensive art restoration, picture framing, and other services

Breathe easy knowing we also provide specialized glass and conservation mounting services for your artwork. Get FREE estimates on all our art services by calling us at 417-881-4414 today.

Also providing services for corporate offices and interior designers


Installation and delivery available